About Our Ministry

We are vocalists, instrumentalists, video and audio specialists, actors and orators.  Above all else we are servants of Christ dedicated to creating a meeting place where all who join us can encounter Him through worship.  We accentuate the truth of the Word, applaud the presence and power of God, and honor Jesus as the Son of God who died for our sins by using our God-given talents in service to His kingdom.

It is our vision to nurture an environment in which everyone can glorify God with others and be transformed into fully devoted followers of Christ.

In support of our vision it is our desire to facilitate an atmosphere of fervently passionate, yet completely accessible services in order to glorify God and equip us as worshipers.

Fervently passionate: Our worship shall be marked by the faith and expectation that God is actively present in our praise, moving with Kingdom authority and power, and radically changing lives. Practically, this looks like:

  1. Living lives of integrity, humility and Kingdom engagement: We believe this radically affects our ability to lead and influence with moral and spiritual authority.
  2. Owning our calling of being “lead worshipers” no matter where we are: Our posture and passion in worship is the same wherever we are: passionate and engaged, on platform and off.
  3. Leading our congregation through transparency and authenticity: We refuse to “church up” our lives, but follow Christ’s command to “keep open house” through opening up honestly to others. (Mt. 5:14-16 MSG)
  4. Creating sacred space for all to vulnerably express desire for Him and His Kingdom: We own our responsibility to bring creative ideas to the table, recognizing that our praxis should change based on contextual setting and cultural shifts.
  5. Leaving sacred space for the Holy Spirit to move and speak: We honor Paul’s instructions of “not quenching the Spirit” by being flexible with our agenda and acting on the urgings of the Spirit. (1 Th. 5:19-22 NIV)

Completely accessible: Our worship shall be in the language of the common man, creating engaging worship experiences that are culturally and contextually relevant. Practically, this looks like:

  1. Creative planning: We believe that when the arts are done well, they have the ability to speak to man in ways that a thousand words never could.
  2. Excellent musicianship, presentation and production that is stylistically accurate: We invite folks into worship engagements that speak to them in their contextual surroundings as much as possible.
  3. Remaining authentic, but intentionally pursuing cultural diversity: We reflect being an invitational culture to those outside our own age, race and socioeconomic status through our music, presentation and production.
  4. Intentionally working together with other ministries to communicate the message effectively: Believing that the sum can be greater than the parts, we refuse to be “silo’ed” in our approach. (Ps. 133)
  5. Keeping abreast of what is working outside of our church and personal preferences: We will be attentive to what the Holy Spirit is doing in the Church at large, recognizing that we must remain open to the teaching, correction and influence of Scripture, prayer and the Holy Spirit.

For more information on how to get involved, contact us here!